Top 10 Secrets To Finding The Best Wedding Photographer In Dayton

10 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Choosing a professional photographer for your wedding day can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  No matter what city or area you live in, there are dozens of photographers who are competing to photograph your dream day.  This post is designed to help guide you to the wedding photographer that matches your style, needs, and emotions.  Taking the time to find the perfect photographer will ensure you get the best person to capture the memories of your big day.

After photographing more than 160 weddings, I can say there is a most effective order to booking your wedding vendors.  Choosing a date for your wedding and choosing the wedding and reception venues are the first two items on your list.  You will have to decide if your wedding date is most important or if your venue is most important.  Many brides and grooms are set on a wedding venue, but when their desired venue is booked, a new wedding date is chosen.  On the other hand, many brides are determined to have a wedding date and they will choose a venue that is available on their desired date.  Whichever way you decide on your date and venues is up to you.  Your next decision should be choosing your wedding photographer!

Here are my top 10 tips for choosing your dream wedding photographer in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and beyond.

  • First Reaction

    • Choosing a wedding photographer is an emotional decision.  When first seeing a photographer’s website you should have an emotional reaction.  Hopefully, upon seeing my Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photography website, you had a positive emotional reaction and that you loved what you first saw.

  • Portfolio

    • A wedding photographer’s portfolio should be creative and diverse and should evoke further emotion from you.  I take great pride in providing a high quality, sophisticated wedding photography in my portfolio.  I hope when you see my wedding photography portfolio you will be able to see yourself reflected in the images.

  • Style And Creativity

    • Assuming you like the wedding portfolio you see, your next step would be to decide if the photographer’s style matches what you have in mind for your wedding.  If you are looking for mostly candid images but the portfolio shows only posed images, that photographer might not fit your needs.  I try very hard to produce artistic and candid images that fit the styles of many brides and grooms.

  • Budget And Pricing

    • One big consideration when choosing a wedding photographer is your budget and the price of the photographer. Since I opened my business in 2007, I have listed my wedding photography prices on my website.  I believe in giving you all the information up front without make you email me or call me to get pricing.  I don’t want to waste your time if you are looking for a wedding photographer who charges half of what I do or one that charges double what I do.  Always consider that I offer discounts for military.  All you have to do is ask!

  • Comparing To Others

    • Once you have narrowed down your favorite wedding photographers by portfolio and price, the next thing to do is to compare each photographer.  Things to compare are the number of photographers, are digital images included, is a free engagement session offered, is a complimentary wedding album offered, does the photographer backup your images, and much more.  Visit my pricing page, and you’ll see that my all-inclusive wedding photography packages can’t be beaten.

  • What Is Included

    • Once you have narrowed down your wedding photographer choice to one or two people, check with them to get the final details on what they have to offer.  With Kevin Lush Photographer, everything is always included in my wedding photography packages.  What is listed on my website is what you get, every time!

  • Referrals And Testimonials

    • To be sure your photographer choice is reputable, be sure to check out unbiased wedding photographer reviews on sites like Google,,, and more.  I try to post all of my reviews on the reviews and testimonials page of my website so you can see them.  Still, check the other websites to see fully verified reviews.

  • Is My Date Available

    • The next step is to contact the desired photographer to see if he or she is available on your wedding date.  This is the part that is always exciting for me as the wedding photographer.  I get inquiries from excited brides and grooms, and often I am already booked on their wedding date.  It is painful to have to tell potential brides and grooms that I am booked.  I always feel honored to get emails and calls from people who want me to be their wedding photographer.  Thank you to every one of my past brides, future brides, and brides that were unable to book me!

  • Communication And Attention To Details

    • Once you have completed all the steps above and your desired photographer is available, pay attention to the communication style and timeliness of responses from the person you chose.  If you are emailing or calling the photographer and getting unprofessional responses or no responses at all, that photographer may not be the one for you.  I take great pride in providing quick and courteous customer service to all past, present, and potential brides.  I believe responding quickly to you means that you will be confident in your choice to have me photograph your wedding.

  • Contract And Professionalism

    • The final steps to choosing your wedding photographer are to sign a contract and to finalize the details of your wedding day.  Your chosen photographer should have a professional wedding photography contract that lays out the terms of their service and the protections in it for you, the bride and groom.  Once you are satisfied that the photographer meets all of your requirements, has a professional contract, and feels right to you, it is time to sign the contract.  I love when new brides and grooms choose me to be their wedding photographer, and I believe the contract signing is just the beginning of a great relationship.

I hope these ten tips for choosing a wedding photographer help you make one of the most important decisions for your wedding day.  Wedding photographs are one of the only things that you will have for decades after your special day.  Take the time to hire the right person for you!  Choosing a reputable photographer in Dayton or Cincinnati will ensure you get the wedding photographs of your dreams!

Rosewood Manor Wedding At Magnolia Estate Miamisburg Ohio

Southern Plantation Style Wedding In Dayton

I love a good summer wedding, and September hasn't disappointed so far!  Last weekend I photographed two weddings which were so different but so fun.  Saturday's wedding took place at Rosewood Manor at Magnolia Estate in Miamisburg, Ohio.  150 guests enjoyed a great reception with a great deal of hip-hop and dancing.  Sunday's wedding, consisting of only 55 guests, took place at Bellbrock Park in Bellbrook, Ohio.  Both weddings went well, and everyone was great to work with!

Rosewood Manor, a sister site to Magnolia Estate, is a southern style plantation wedding venue just south of Dayton.  It can accommodate probably more than 200 guests, has an elegant staircase, and has a beautiful outdoor wedding area.  There is plenty of free parking for wedding guests.  Choosing Rosewood Manor for your Dayton wedding is a great choice if you want a memorable reception location in a picturesque country setting!

Bellbrock Park on Main Street in Bellbrook, Ohio is a cute park wedding venue.  It can accommodate up to 60 guests and has a nice shaded area for guests to sit.  There are no chairs or amenities, but party rental companies can provide these for you.  Plenty of natural backdrops make for great Dayton bridal portraits!

Wedding Day Timeline With Special First Look

How Do I Plan My Wedding Day

The best advice I can give to brides and grooms to ensure a successful wedding day is to have and stick to a wedding day schedule.  Although I do not dictate every step of your day, I do provide a suggested timeline to ensure the most efficient and pleasing flow.  The steps below act as a guide for you to get the most out of your wedding photographer and your wedding day too! My 12 hour package is $2800 and includes a complimentary engagement session!

As one of the only Cincinnati and Dayton wedding photographers whose packages start at under $2500, I am able to offer a high level of creative wedding images that fit the budget of most brides and grooms.  My 8-hour and 12-hour wedding photography packages fulfill the needs of most brides and grooms and ensure plenty of time to capture amazing wedding images.

The timeline below is for a wedding day where the bride and groom do a first look and the ceremony is at 5 pm.  This is only a guide and can be customized to fit your day.  Please note the more time you give the photographer for bridal portraits, family photos, and bridal party photos, the better images you will receive.

Here it is!

Sample Timeline For A 12-Hour Wedding / 12 Hour Wedding

  • 11:00 am - Getting Ready Photographs

  • 1:30 pm - Bride And Groom First Look

  • 2:00 pm - Bride And Groom Portrait Session

  • 3:00 pm - Family Portraits And Bridal Party Portraits

  • 4:30 pm - Bridal Party Freshens Up While Guests Arrive

  • 5:00 pm - Wedding Ceremony

  • 5:30 pm - Receiving Line or Dismissal

  • 6:30 pm - Grand Entrance

  • 4.5 Hours Remaining For Reception Photographs